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What Customers Are Saying About Thai@US

At Thai@US, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and attention to detail. Whether you’re enjoying a casual meal with friends or celebrating a special occasion, our friendly staff is here to make your visit truly memorable. Come and savor the best of Thailand at Thai@US. We look forward to serving you and making you feel right at home.

“The meal is delicious. It’s the best Thai I’ve ever had. And the owners here are wonderful people. They love giving back to the community. She always helps people. The waiters and the waitresses are very, very nice. I didn’t have to wait on anything. It was wonderful. I highly recommend you coming out here. Thank you.”

“My sushi was marvelous. The texture, the taste is on spot. We’ve known Nan in Thep for three years, four. I don’t know. It’s been a while. But we’ve been here every year since we found out about Thai@US restaurant. And we can’t stop not coming. It’s so good. And the owners are so special to us and they’re special to the community.”

“My meal and curry or tea was delicious. The food here is always wonderful. The waiter even knows we become so much. The waiter even knows what I want when I come in. And she gives back to her community in Thailand. And I think that’s wonderful. And so we patronize them for that reason, partially. And then also because the food is so good.”

“We first heard about Thai@US during the quarantine in 2020. It was a post that said opening soon. Here’s high food in Paducah. I was so excited and I thought opening a new restaurant in the middle of a pandemic, it’s a risky move. I knew we wanted to support them as much as possible, and I’m glad to see them grow, continue to grow, upgrade the restaurant, menu has gotten bigger. It’s just step after step after step. Thai in us is our favorite place. We love being here. We’ve been coming for four years, since the week it open.”

“My husband and I love this place. We’ve been coming here for years. And one of my favorite memories of being here is when we first had our daughter, who’s now over two. I want to say she was maybe two months old, if that. And this was like, one of the first times I had a hot meal. Because while she was really fussy, some of the staff here are so supportive and so kind. They actually picked her up and they carried her so I could eat a hot meal, and I was so thankful. The food here is amazing. The people here, though, they’re like family, and we just appreciate them and love them so much.”

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